Dubrovnik day 3: Shopping, lunch al fresco and hotel tour



Despite my flight to London being around 5 pm (ish), the last day in Dubrovnik would end around 3pm, when we had to go to the airport. I need to make the most of it.

I was told that Corpus Christ is also a public holiday in Croatia; like it is in most catholic countries. And this year it was exactly that day, on May 26th.

The city also would be crowded not just because of it, but due to the cruise ships that arrived to Dubrovnik the night before.

Avoiding visiting Dubrovnik when the cruise ship season starts is nearly impossible. They have a huge season from May to October.

However,  it’s highly recommended to check the local port authority website to see which days of the month receive most of people arriving from these ships in town.



Anyway, it was another day with fabulous weather in Dubrovnik (a bit redundant to say the least) so we kept the morning schedule enjoying breakfast outdoors. You can’t go wrong with Eggs Benedict! It was divine, of course. A bit of catching up about how amazing it was to walk in the walls the day before  and we were ready to face the old town again.



Shopping in the old town: Another trip by the hotel’s vaporeto speedboat to town scheduled to 10 am. Here we go again but this time for some shopping.

I bought some souvenirs the days before but I had some kune to be spent, so I thought about two essentials: olive oil and a bottle of a local liqueur called teranino. Some pearls of the Adriatic that I needed to bring back to the UK with me.

Teranino: love at first sight


The narrow streets of Dubrovnik reveal all kinds of establishments that can be possible to be imagined. From boutiques to jewellery and souvenir outlets. This city is prepared to the tourism. And they make the most of it also so using games of Thrones, Star Wars and all kind of things featured there.

That particular day was a very busy one in Dubrovnik. It was too crowded and sometimes it is impossible to imagine so many people sharing those narrow streets. Or even Stradum couldn`t cope with so many people around.

Not the best day for shopping or sightseeing, in my opinion, but it was good to have a help of some “locals” to spot some good shops around.


The open market at the Gundulic Square is a compulsory stop to anyone visiting Dubrovnik.

It’s the place to find all famous flavours typical from the city. From dried figs and orange to lavender bags to put in your closet. It’s the paradise of souvenir on open air!


The outlets are also incredible source to know more about Croatia itself. Most of shoppers can communicate in English and they are keen on explaining a bit more about the products and local culture. Fabulous!

One of those shops was Clara Stones, where I was introduced to the art of creating jewellery pieces with red coral, a traditional Mediterranean ornament. Just gorgeous.


Another shop that really got my eyes was the one I bought some organic cosmetics made by Sapunoteka . It is a new brand for me and in a long conversation with the girl in the shop about skin products and typical Croatian brands, she introduced me to these beauties.

dub 20

I wasn`t allowed to take photos inside this shop but believe or not, the name of this place is Handmade Souvenirs. Simple as that. And I will be back there for more, as promised.

Another great purchase came also from the historical streets of Dubrovnik when I spotted a lady selling her knitting workon a table under the shadow.

She didn’t speak English well but with a help of her catalogue of prices (with currencies in Euro and kuna),  she made a deal that day and I brought back a beautiful tablecloth to my mom.


That lady made me think like the old model of doing in businesses in the ancient streets of Dubrovnik still suits the city well. It’s much more authentic, to be honest.

In the same street is located the beautiful boutique of Duchkas. A concept shop that can be an excellent place to find a quirky present to family and friends back home.

They have the most incredible t-shirt stamps in Dubrovnik. Handmade jewellery, beautiful stationary and recyclable bags are other fine items spotted there. Every single product of this shop is made by Croatian designers. It’s a must go!



Another lovely place to go is the Old Pharmacy in the Franciscan Monastery  founded in 1317. The pharmacy is still opened for business and you can find beautiful skin products there.


After the shopping time,  I took a taxi back to the hotel and it was a ride to find out more about what people thinks about the tourist industry in town. They apparently love it. But the taxi driver was more curious about Brazil than the cruise ships that are regularly boosting the local economy.

Lunch al fresco: Back to my room I had some time to take more photos and make a video of the room itself which will be posted when I write the review of the Villa Dubrovnik hotel.


Food time. And we were introduced to the new area of the hotel. It’s outdoor, with tables facing the beautiful Adriatic sea and the chef cooking right next to you.

Just a perfect spot for a hot day like that one when all you need is a perfect seafood salad that matched perfectly with some good white (Croatian) wine to celebrate the three days of indulgence in Dubrovnik life.



Tour in the hotel: It was time to say goodbye to Villa Dubrovnik, so I had a mini-tour (by myself) in some of the facilities of this luxurious hotel. Just in case you feel tempted to stay there this summer. Or any summer.  Just saying!



As I didn’t have time to enjoy my spa treatment I had a wonder in this fabulous space. As well as I visited the swimming pool and fitness room in the hotel.


It is all well-equipped and as most of the spaces in the hotel were upgraded, it is clear that Villa Dubrovnik had stepped forward once again as one of the most stylish boutique hotels in Dubrovnik.

NB: I was a guest at Villa Dubrovnik  during the three days of in Croatia. It made my stay in Dubrovnik not less than outstanding. You can read more about this amazing travelling  experience here and here.


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