Untamed Cat Food Trial Box

Just as humans have a food pyramid that guides us on what we should consume and in what portions to stay healthy, each of the animal species also has its own.

Cats are no exception, especially considering that an inadequate intake could lead to complications such as diseases. So, if you want to take care of your cat’s health, it is essential to choose the best food brands to keep it healthy.

My cat, Dougal, is a 6-year-old fussy boy that loves its wet and dry food. But like any other cat, he doesn’t like changing his food routine. When for some reason I want to change his diet, looking for brands that offer quality, 100% natural food.

This month, Dougal is trying a multipack trial box of Untamed cat food with a range of different wet food flavours.

What is Untamed Cat food?

Untamed Cat Food is a new premium cat food brand launched by Lenny, Ben, and Marco in the UK, in 2019, and has quickly cemented itself as the highest-rated cat food in the United Kingdom.

They launched Untamed after Ben’s (one of the co-founders) cat Sian got sick in 2019. Ben’s family tried everything the vets recommended with little results. That was before he started feeding Sian human-grade, whole meat meals that mirrored his ancestral diet.

Untamed boxes are packed with prime cuts of human-grade whole meat formula, like tuna steak, salmon and mackerel fillet, chicken breast, and chicken liver, gently steam cooked to lock in nutrients and moisture.

How does it work?

To get your box the first step Is talking about your cat, including age, weight, allergies, and preferences in general. Then it’s time to get a custom-built plan perfectly tailored to your cat. You can choose from food for cats who eat dry food or not.

Also, choose the types of food your cat doesn’t like to be sure your box will be fulfilled the favourite ones. Finally, you can receive via email the best menu suggestion for your cat.

What does Dougal think about Untamed food?

As mentioned before, Dougal is a quite fussy cat. We have tried to change his treats or dry and wet food before with no success. So, we prefer to stick with what he wants to eat.

With Untamed food, we can gradually get used to the new flavours. The recipes are made with human-grade whole meat meals, which makes the wet food quite palatable, and cats just love it.

Dougal (and I) thought one single-serve tin of 75g was enough as a daily meal. As he likes his dry food too, it’s not necessary to every two portions are day, which makes it a quite affordable food pack of 28 cans.

Also, the fresh food made with natural ingredients is easier to digest and I can see Dougal is cleaning its bowl every day which is a clear sign he enjoys this food a lot.

Why should you get some Untamed food for your cat?

Besides being a fussy cat food approved. Untamed is cruelty-free, dolphin-safe, hormone-free, and grain-free. The free trial box costs only £8 (limited period). You can always adjust your plan according to your cat’s taste and needs. And you will receive it monthly in the comfort of your home.

*I received the product complimentary from Untamed for testing purposes

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