Best Things to Do in London this Spring

Visiting London for the first time is always a unique experience at any season. But let’s be honest, it is when the weather starts to improve that we feel more inspired to plan our holidays.

The good news is that Spring is a wonderful time to be in London. The rise of the temperatures is an invitation to walk around the city sightseeing.

Gardens and flowers in London are in full bloom during this time, making it a great time for picnics. The flower season runs from March to June and brings mild temperatures and very pleasant days. The days are longer, and the city is not as crowded like it usually is during Christmas time or Summer.

Even though, Spring is the ideal time to visit London, get lost in its streets and discover all its wonderful and colourful corners while enjoying the best weather you will find in the British capital.

The parks and gardens are gorgeous, and museums and historical buildings are also holding plenty of cultural events happening in the city too.

Exploring London’s iconic attractions during spring for a memorable experience. Thinking about this, here is a list of things to do in London in the spring.

Picnic at City Gardens and Parks

Talking about nature and good weather, there is nothing better than visiting London parks on warmer days.

Spring is the ideal season for taking walks in London’s parks and around the city. The trees are filled with beautiful and colourful flowers, giving the city a lot of joy.

The specific park we recommend is Regent’s Park and Kew Gardens – but of course, the main one (Hyde Park) is also highly recommended!

Parks are great places to spend a day out. It is free! You can have picnics, walks, play with the children, relax on the grass, read books, and practice outdoor sports, among other activities like enjoying casual eateries or fine dining in varied London restaurants using Square Meal UK.

Nothing is more relaxing and so London than having a picnic in one of London’s parks. And it doesn’t matter if you are the type who enjoys a gourmet basket washed down with champagne, or a meal deal from the local supermarket, city gardens and parks.

Kew Gardens is a 130-hectare botanical garden with around 30,000 different plant species. This lush park in southwest London is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a 250-year legacy.

Bus and Boat Tours

boat at the River Thames

There are many ways of exploring London and I would recommend you walking through the city. However, if you don’t have too much time to waste, I would recommend you join a bus or a boat tour to checklist London’s best tourist attractions.

Hop on and hop off buses are great ways of saving time in a city like London.

They are a perfect match for those who want to get a general idea of ​​the city, “ticking” all the monuments and main attractions without visiting them, and can stay on the bus and go around one of the routes.

Or if you feel more adventurous, another great way of exploring London is by boat. There are several routes on Thames boat trip valid for 24 hours, also hop-on hop-off. The cruise runs from Westminster (Embankment Pier or London Eye) to St Katharine’s Pier (near Tower Bridge).

Sunset at Primrose Hill

One of the best views of London is the one obtained from Primrose Hill; a small hill located north of Regent’s Park in Camden.

Summer is the perfect time to walk up to this point and observe the skyline of the city from here, especially if the day is clear and the view is wonderful. But you can also make the most of it during the Spring.

In any case, the most special time to see London from Primrose Hill is at sunset, when the colours of the day mingle with the night creating an incomparable panorama.

Pop Culture Tours

Sherlock Holmes Museum

As you can imagine, London is full of pop culture references. From films to music to literature. The streets and parks of London have inspired great stories, the city has been home to writers like George Orwell and Virginia Wolf, and fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes or Wendy Darling.

London is the inspiration for many authors and musicians. You can reach famous streets and venues and find a famous spot when getting lost in its many alleys and roads.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you cannot miss visiting King’s Cross station, where the students at the famous magic school of the universe created by J.K. Rowling were taking the train to Hogwarts.

From the moment you arrive at Baker Street Station, you’ll see silhouettes of Sherlock Holmes on the walls, announcing that you’ve entered the world of the famous detective. On this street where the protagonist of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels lived, you will currently find the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

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