Brazilian menu at KLM flights: Sao Paulo – Amsterdam


If you read this blog frequently, you already know that Schiphol Airport is my destination when I go to Brazil on holidays every year.

Schiphol is a hub for KLM, the airline company that I have chosen to fly to my country for the last three years. I like the service, the ticket price and believe or not, I love the food too.

I know everybody knows that aeroplane meal is not the most exciting gastronomic experience of life.

However, it’s a good experience at KLM flights. And the reason is quite simple: they put an extra effort in what they are serving at their aircrafts.


I am not just talking about first class food but also the economic and business classes meals as well.

And they did a good job catering for many ones like my parents, that needed special treating (Diabetics and Low Sodium food) during their flight. It was exactly the way we expected. Tasty and healthy!


To my surprise, my menu was also special, late November, when I went to Brazil. I had the pleasure of trying the menu designed by the prize-winning Brazilian chef Rodrigo Oliveira for KLM flights from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam.

Rodrigo Oliveira is the chef and owner of the renowned São Paulo restaurant Mocotó, 16th best restaurant in Latin America by The Restaurant Magazine.

Chosen Brazil’s “Chef of the Year” and “One of 100 most influents personalities”, Rodrigo’s new restaurant “Esquina Mocotó” was voted “Best New Restaurant” in the same year by “Prazeres da Mesa”, Brazil’s leading gastronomic magazine and Paladar / O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper and on April of 2016, it was awarded with 1 star on the world-famous Michelin Guide.

The menus served in World Business Class are divided into four cycles during a period of one year. At each cycle, the menus will be changed. In Economy Class, the menus are divided into two cycles, which will be changed every six months.

KLM has been working with top chefs for many years. And I guess it is a success because I heard people at my flight commenting how good food was. It may be not for all tastes, but it’s a good experience in budget flights anyway.


Here are the menu options designed by Rodrigo Oliveira from November 2016 to January 2017.

As my flight back was during the night, I had dinner and breakfast to try.


My meal: For starter, I had the salad which was made with Lettuce leaves with coleslaw and olives. It was a delicious combination of flavours.

A well-seasoned salad that was balanced with the main course, a Yucca grain with dried meat and roasted vegetables.

This meal reminds me an “Escondidinho” (like Shepherd`s pie but with much more flavours on it.). It was delicious and it reminds Brazil!


The dessert was a gorgeous Mandioc cake and dulce de leche. A delicate taste of dulce de leche is balanced with the mandioc flavour. Another way of portrait Brazil on a plate. Absolutely gorgeous!


Breakfast: Yucca cake with tomato sauce and cheese. Another signature dish that transported me to Brazil automatically. Mandioc is a quite popular ingredient of Brazilian cuisine. It is so diverse that works well together with tomatoes and cheese in this cake. It is light and soft. Lovely to start a day onboard.

Fruits and a vanilla muffin with chocolate chips made the breakfast at KLM a bit It is a shame the photo I took really doesn’t do the justice to show you all how tasteful these dishes are.

But I just loved to have the taste of a rich, colourful and delicious Northeast Brazilian food on my flight back home. Obrigada KLM!



More food! KLM flights also provide some taste of Dutch cuisine like the famous Punselie’s Stroopkoekje, the cookie filled with caramel-cinnamon. There were loads of these little pleasures available. Love them!



Discover more about delicious Brazilian menu in partnership with SkyChefs here:



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